Bathroom Remodeling: Choosing the Right Tile Fixtures

A bathroom remodeling job is no small task in terms of time and money spent on the project. Typically, the average mid-range bathroom remodeling job costs approximately $19,134, based on the 2018 Cost Vs. Value study. Bathroom remodeling is a complex endeavor, as it usually requires plumbing work, new flooring, electrical work, painting, and cabinet refacing. Most homeowners need to have a general contractor for most bathroom remodeling projects. However, there are a few things you can do to take some of the burden off your shoulders and still get the results you want.


The most important part of any bathroom remodeling job is the tile. In most cases, this involves grouting new tile and laying ceramic tile. If your bathroom tile is worn, replaced, chipped or discolored in any way, you will want to replace it with a newer, fresher style. In addition, ceramic tile that has become discolored, chipped or worn in places is more difficult to clean than tile that is new. In addition, older bathroom tiles will absorb water and solid objects, such as hands and body hair, which will cause water spots and stains.


To save time and money in the bathroom remodeling process, it’s often a good idea to let a local bathroom contractor evaluate your space before requesting tile samples or a quote. When evaluating your space, a local contractor will look at the size of your walls, flooring, countertop type, and fixtures (such as faucets) to determine the most cost-effective design for your bathroom remodeling job. Letting a local contractor evaluate your space will help you save money because it allows them to customize a design for you that better suits your needs and budget. Click here for the best bathroom contractor in Fresno, CA.


Another thing that you should consider when your bathroom remodeling task is to upgrade your existing toilet and/or sink. Some homeowners decide to update their master bathroom with a larger, more expensive toilet and sink combination. If your master bathroom is large enough to accommodate a full size toilet and sink combination, it may be a wise investment to upgrade to a larger, more attractive design. However, if your bathroom is small, consider adding two smaller toilets and sinks for more space or for less money.


In addition to updating your toilet and/or sink, other bathroom remodeling changes should include updating your plumbing fixtures. A common plumbing fixture found in many homes is the washer and dryer. New or updated fixtures are an important part of every remodel. A popular choice for many homeowners is a whirlpool tub, which offers both relaxing bathwater and a place to do laundry. Whirlpool tubs can be found in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any decorating taste.


Finally, another aspect of bathroom remodeling that should be taken into consideration is the addition of new fixtures. When this task is completed, you will have a fully functional and beautiful bathroom. Many homeowners opt to add new faucets and shower heads to their bathrooms. A tile is an attractive option for replacing faucets because it offers high quality construction and durability. If you are unsure of which types of tile will best complement your home and your personal style, you should hire a local bathroom contractor who is experienced in designing both traditional and contemporary tile designs.