Kitchen Renovation Options – Cabinet Refinishing

A cabinet refinished is not the same as a cabinet refacing. While both are similar, they are not exactly the same. A cabinet refacing is basically a coat of varnish or paint that is applied to a wooden cabinet and hides flaws or age. A cabinet refinishing on the other hand is simply a quick sanding of the surface of a cabinet to bring it back to near new condition. So what is the difference between these two methods of cabinet refurbishment? How do they compare to one another?

When most people think about wood refinishing their thoughts turn to an old-fashioned barn-style finish. This can be a great choice for a room with a traditional look or if you want to bring a little bit of “nostalgia” into a more modern setting. A good idea for this style of cabinet refinishing would be to hire a professional. While a do-it-yourself may be able to perform the job, it’s a better idea to have it done right the first time.

Many cabinet refinishing company today offer free consultation for cabinet refinishing jobs. They understand how stressful it can be to throw away an entire kitchen cabinet and have to start from scratch. Some even offer free consultation for up to forty-eight hours so you can come in and discuss the project with them before you decide if it’s right for you. You’ll want to have a general idea of what your options are so you can get an accurate price quote and so you can be sure they understand the scope of the job.

When it comes to choosing a wood refinishing company for a complete kitchen renovation, it is best to find someone with experience doing these projects. You should also be able to get a free consultation so you can ask any questions you might have. The company should have pictures from previous work for you to look at. It is a good idea to look at several before making a final decision. Even though a kitchen renovation is going to cost you a considerable amount of money, it is usually worth it in the end.

One of the most common types of cabinet refinishing is to paint the frames out. This will leave the cabinet door intact but will make the rest of the cabinets look brand new. You do have to sand the frames after painting and finish them off with some stain so they look like new. You can even purchase cabinet refacing kits that make it easy to do the refacing yourself. If you’re looking to save money, this could be a good option for you.

As you can see, there are many cabinet refinishing options available today. There are also many free consultation offers that you can take advantage of in order to determine which one would be best for your kitchen renovations. Take advantage of these offers and find the kitchen renovation that you’ve always wanted.